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Updated January 2  2010

3888.Oscar Howe, THE WOOD GATHERER, print signed, Sioux Woman with a load of kindling and sticks on her back in a snowstorm, bringing in the wood for the tipi. By well-known Sioux, now deceased, artist. Matted & framed, 18x24, $2800.00

3889.Oscar Howe, BIG FOOT AT WOUNDED KNEE, print signed, Family group in black and white depicting the suffering Sioux, by well known artist, now deceased, Oscar Howe, Matted and framed, dated 1972, 19x25, $2800.00

3890.Oscar Howe, SIOUX MOURNING RIDER, print, Sioux (Lakota) Warrior on horseback, one of his early works. Matted and framed, dated 1944. Well known Sioux Artist, now deceased, 16x20, $800.00

3891.Oscar Howe, MYTHICAL FLIGHT, print signed, Eagle in Flight, by well-known Sioux artist, 1915-1983, now deceased. Matted & framed, dated 1975, 14x20, $2200.00

3892.Oscar Howe, THE GHOST DANCER, print, Sioux Dancer among swirls by the well known Sioux Artist, now deceased, shrink wrapped, dated 1975,18x23 1/2, $600.00

3893.Oscar Howe, ORIGIN OF THE SIOUX, print, framed by Oscar Howe. Very dynamic and colorful, 19x28inches, $600.00

3894.Oscar Howe, SIOUX SEED PLAYER, Print, Sioux Medicine Woman at work with her sacred stones among swirls. By the famous Sioux Artist Oscar Howe, 1915-1983, matted and framed, dated 1974,14x19, $800.00

27469.Oscar Howe, A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION, an educational presentation of Oscar Howe's life,`his visions,& his artistic legacy. With tape & slides. $275.00

3945.Godfrey Broken Rope, untitled, Oil on Board, Pleasant Indian Camp Site by deceased, Sioux Artist, lived in Rapid City and Billings, Montana.23.5x 42.75   with original frame, $700.00

3947.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, MOUNTAIN CABIN, Oil on board, Log cabin by mountain lake, man figure looking out of cabin window, sunset reflection on lake.  No date, 18 x 30, $375.00

3948.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, ELK MOUNTAIN LAKE, Oil on board, Bull Elk in Water at Mountain Lake, Sunset reflections, Dated 1948,18 x 21 inches, $350.00

3949.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, END OF THE TRAIL, Oil on Board, Indian de-piction of the famous 'END OF THE TRAIL' image, dated 1948,18 x 36 in. $425.00

3950.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, MOONLIT LAKE, Oil on board, Moon light reflection on a mountain lake. Dated 1948. Some pencil marking on the front of painting.18 x 36 inches, $425.00

3951.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, THE DEVIL'S TOWER, Oil on Board. View of the famous monument 'DEVIL'S TOWER'. This is the largest size we have encountered by this artist, dated 1948,30 x 60 inches, $750.00

3952.Godfrey Broken Rope, Sioux, SPEARFISH CANYON, Oil on board. Roadside view of Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills.  Largest size that we have encountered by this artist, 30 x 60 inches, $750.00

3953.Vine Broken Rope, BUFFALO HUNT, Pencil drawing by the Son of Sioux artist, Godfrey Broken Rope, no date, 16 x 15 1/2, $200.00

3954.Vincent Bad Heart (Bull), BUFFALO HUNT, Oil on board. Sioux Man on horseback shooting buffalo with bow & arrows, dated 1966,18 and a half inches by 33 and a half inches, $400.00

3955.Wakita-Sioux, CANOE ON LAKE, Oil on board. Early piece by this Sioux artist, dated 1937,12 x 24 inches, $200.00

3956.T. C. Broken Rope, Sioux, GERONIMO, Oil on board, Portrait of the famous Apache,Chief by another member of the Broken Rope Family, no date, 16 x 20 in. $350.00

3957.unknown, SIOUX CHIEF, Oil on Canvas, Sioux Chief at Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota- unsigned, no date, 20 x 26 inches, $350.00

3958,Leo Spotted Elk, THE LAST RIDE, Oil on board. Sioux burial on the last ride to the 'HAPPY HUNTING GROUND', 9 x 12 inches, $175.00

3959.Felix Walking, Sioux, OUR LADY OF THE SIOUX, Oil on board. Felix Walking was a Sioux Indian from Pine Ridge.  There is a statue of this woman at the Holy Rosary Indian School, 10 inches by 12 inches, $175.00

3960.Jat Broken Rope, MONTANA CENTENNIAL, Printed Poster, Montana Centennial Poster for 100 years of statehood.  With ink drawing of cowboy on horse by Jay Broken Rope-- Nicely framed with Montana stamp, 1889 Indian Head Penny, and 1989 Centennial coin.8 x 10 inches, $125.00

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