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Updated JANUARY 2010 

908.The George A. Custer, 1861 Colt round barrel Navy revolver as carried by the famous General during the Civil War. A most beautiful piece, engraved, finished in gold and silver and checkered ivory like grips with eagle and shield. Serial #13511 as was the original. One of the finest copies produced by the Franklin Mint. Fully functional but non shooting. Buy it here at a fraction of the original issue price. ANTIQUE,$750

1499.FRAME OF 16 PHOTOGRAPHS AND PAMPHLET, ALONG WITH A WINCHESTER HAND CARVED BELT FOR THE SHOOTING LINDS WITH SOME OF THEIR GUNS THAT THEY USED. Photos have a description on the reverse. A very nice group. The Linds gave shooting demonstrations for a number of Arms Companies.$650

1756.SMITH & WESSON No. 1, Third Issue, .22 short, underbreak revolver with rosewood grips. A grey/brown no finish gun in good working order. Has the name, Wm. P. Follansbe, engraved on the backstrap. Would be interesting to know more about Mr. Follansbe and could be well worth the effort to find out. Serial #26XX ANTIQUE,$900

1959.STEVENS MODEL 124, 12 gauge, REPEATING SHOTGUN. This is the gun they made after WW-II which was a plastic stock, 3 shot, bolt action, shotgun that looked like an automatic but is manually operated. Missing the stock and some rust over 80% blue. Believe it will clean up OK. A collectors item for sure. No serial number on these.$55

2469.OLD MODEL 1878 .41 CALIBER, SWISS ARMY RIFLE GOOD ONLY AS PARTS OR DECORATOR. A full stock military arm, missing the bolt handle and a few internal parts. Balance is intact including sight, wood, etc. Make into a gun or display as is. Many of these Swiss rifles were used by Homesteaders in Dakota and Nebraska with shot cartridges for rabbits and prairie chickens. Old Jules, the famous homesteader in Northwest Nebraska, in the book on his life by his daughter, told of using one of these. Serial #170485. ANTIQUE,$165

2512.THE NEVER FAIL GOLPHER TRAP WITH PERFORATED PAN. A brass body trap that is placed in the golpher run and discharges a .32 S&W blank into the belly of the animal, killing him instantly, thus the name, NEVER FAIL. Patent Oct. 17, 1922.$535

2519.TAYLOR FUR GETTER, TRAP GUN IN THE MORE POWERFUL .38 S&W or Colt CALIBER FOR LARGE GAME INCLUDING BEAR. Will discharge a .38 caliber bullet into the head of the animal as they attempt to take the bait. Now legal as a Curio and Relic but must be sold through a Federal licensed dealer. No serial number that I can find on this one.$2000

2800.ANCIENT CHINESE MATCHLOCK WALL OR FORTRESS GUN. 88 INCHES (7 FT. 4 INCHES) OVERALL. A massive gun, over 200 years old. This piece came out of a Maharajah's fort armory in India where it had resided for many years as part of their protection from neighboring war lords. A large serial number was stamped on the barrel by the British during their occupation of that country during the 1800's. Large bore, tulip shaped muzzle, on the 68 inch barrel. A real conversation piece and an exceedingly rare, old and historic gun. JUST TRY TO FIND ANOTHER ONE! ANTIQUE,$2750

2846.NEW YORK ARMS CO. .32 S&W, DOUBLE ACTION REVOLVER WITH FACTORY PEARL GRIPS. 50% original nickel remains, made with loading gate, very good working order. A well made little collectable pistol. Serial #1501, made in 1891, ANTIQUE.$250

2943.UNIQUE DUG UP SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER. Rusted solid but fully loaded .32 rim fire pistol. Do not know the make of the piece but has a nice pair of hard rubber grips with raised flags and 3 leaf clovers. If like me, you into these old dug up guns, this is an outstanding piece that probably laid in the bottom of some river for many years. ANTIQUE OF COURSE!,$499

3029.FOR THE SHOOTER THAT HAS EVERYTHING OR YOU AFRICAN HUNTING BUFFS, A HAND MADE, STERLING SILVER BOLO TIE WITH THE OUTLINE OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT WITH THE BUST OF A CAPE BUFFALO PROTRUDING OUTWARD. All custom made in 1971 for GUN DIGEST editor John Amber, by Sid Tully, and so marked. Tips of braided leather ties have silver cartridges, on them. We are sure you will like this wonderful piece. Wear with PRIDE!,$675

3253.COLT, 1878 DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN, ACTION, ONLY. This is the first model hammer action, made without recess for barrel extension. Has been completely re-nickeled for some unexplained reason but appears to be mostly there and working order. Will make an interesting Colt paper weight if not needed for parts. The hammers alone worth our asking price. Have fun with this one! Serial #6025, ANTIQUE.$200

3305.NON FIRING COPY OF THE FAMOUS COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY WITH 5 INCH BARREL. A very fancy engraved model with silver like grips showing General Custer at the Little Big Horn and so marked, LITTLE BIG HORN, 25 JUNE 1876. Makes a wonderful holster stuffer or display item where real guns are not allowed. A good looking gun that functions like the real thing.$165

3306.NON FIRING COPY OF THE FAMOUS COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY WITH 7 1/4 INCH BARREL. A very fancy engraved model with silver like grips showing General Custer at the Little Big Horn and so marked, LITTLE BIG HORN, 25 JUNE 1876. Makes a wonderful holster stuffer or display item where real guns are not allowed. A good looking gun that functions like the real thing.$165

3450.NON FIRING COPY OF THE SMITH & WESSON AMERICAN, FACTORY ENGRAVED REVOLVER THAT WAS CARRIED BY THE FAMOUS WESTERN LAWMAN, WYATT EARP. These were put out several years ago and came with a display rack, that had a brass plaque, detailing what it represented. We do not have the rack, but the gun is in very good overall condition. I believe the Serial #20029 is the exact number of the original Earp gun.$350

3769.Belgium Fabrioue National .22 caliber boys training single shot musket. Brought back by a US soldier after WW II .Full length military stock with military sights.Very accurate shooter.Serial number 2116,$450



3798.SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 STRIPPED RECEIVER WITH FITTED CARBINE (SPENCER OR SHARPS) BARREL THAT HAS BEEN CONVERTED TO 20 GAUGE. Convert your Springfield carbine to 20 gauge shotgun! Receiver has been 'opened up', to receive the larger shell.$100

3808.MARLIN MODEL 20A, .22 SLIDE ACTION RIFLE WITH 24 INCH OCTAGON BARREL AND TUBULAR MAGAZINE. A smooth brown metal gun in good working order.SERIAL NUMBER 1578,$0

3827.HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON, .22 PISTOL, YOUNG AMERICA WITH 2 INCH OCTAGON BARREL. A really small 7 shot double action revolver with hard rubber grips. A neat little gun. Serial #379275 need an FFL to purchase.$120

3829.IVER JOHNSON, .32 S&W, BREAK OPEN, FIVE SHOT REVOLVER WITH 5 INCH BARREL. Black hard rubber grips in good condition. Serial #70200 Need an FFL on this one.$100

3856.U.S. SPRINGFIELD KRAG, MODEL OF 1896 CARBINE, 30/40 CALIBER. A gun that has become quite scarce and desirable. Used but good condition overall with a very good bore. As issued, serial #78644, ANTIQUE,$1450

3862.SMITH & WESSON PREFECTED MODEL .38 S&W CALIBER, WITH 95%ORIGINAL BRIGHT BLUE WITH FACTORY PEARL GRIPS. Gun is in excellent original condition and a quite scarce model with dual locking devices, Serial #38538,$850

3864.HOPKINS & ALLEN, SAFETY POLICE .38 WITH 3 1/4 INCH BARREL. A nice old gun with 85% of the original nickel remaining, a very good bore, and most unusual checkered wood grips with the H&A monogram. Good working order and comes with a nice leather holster that fits it perfectly. Serial #304,$300

3870.GERMAN FALLING BLOCK, SINGLE SHOT OFFHAND RIFLE BY W. EBLEN OF STUTTGART, GERMANY IN .22 RIM FIRE MAGNUM CALIBER. Custom stocked and re- finished to new with an excellent bore. A Nikon 3 X 9 scope on barrel. Have been told that this is a real prairie dog killer. Should work equally well on other varmits and small game. Serial #6629,$1450

3883.REMINGTON MODEL 11, 12 GAUGE AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN. A factory engraved model with 28 inch barrel. Carries the Browning patent information on the side of the receiver. Near excellent condition except for the butt stock which has been lengthened with the addition of a wood spacer. Good working order with an excellent bore. An early gun in this model, serial #12088.$1150


3897.REALLY RARE 1888 MARLIN, 32/20 WITH 20 INCH OCTAGON BARREL. This is the rare top ejection rifle made only two years and less than 5,000 were produced. Has a strong but dark bore, a good sound gun, butt stock a nice replacement. Serial #23812, only made for a couple of years. ANTIQUE,$1250

3898.EIBAR, SPANISH, .44 EXL DOUBLE BARREL SHOT PISTOL. Nicely engraved, checkered walnut grips, nickel plated and rifled as imported by J.l. GALEF OF NEW YORK. Serial #2486,$800

3902.RARE, UNWIN & ROGERS, .22 CALIBER KNIFE PISTOL. Made in England 1870-1889, this is one of the most scarce models as this is .22 cartridge while most of them are percussion. Very good condition, checkered horn slabs. Good blade, good working order.$2000

3906.OLD CAST IRON .22 CALIBER STARTING PISTOL. What at first appears to be an early kids cap pistol is really a starting pistol which shoots .22 caliber blank cartridges.$100

3928.POSSIBLY ONE OF THE FINEST AND MOS ELABORATELY ENGRAVED DOUBLE BARREL, WATER FOWL 10 GAUGE, IMPERIAL QUALITY, DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS THAT WE HAVE ENCOUNTERED. made by W. C. SCOTT of London England. Beautifully and fully engraved with a total of 14 different waterfowl including: ducks,geese, cranes, pelicans, swans, etc. Plus plenty of scroll work. A big, heavy, hammerless gun with the crystal cocking windows. A very high quality gun with fancy checkered wood, engraved skeleton buttplate, gold name shield, heavy Damascus barrels with mirror bores.One of the most beautiful guns that we have owned. /serial #31892. ANTIQUE,$5050

3938.1861 SPRINGFIELD STYLE, PERCUSSION MUSKET WITH SPECIAL HEAVY RIFLED BARREL IN ..58 CALIBER BY W. M. LARGE. . An interesting make up in very good condition. SHOULD MAKE A WONDERFUL SHOOTER. Fine condition overall,$650

3939.COLT SAA .41 CALIBER WITH 5 1/2 INCH BARREL. A smooth metal old gun in good working order and a good bore. Neat about this piece is the solid silver grips which show Navajo craftsman work. Has the name, R.C. Van Brandt engraved on the left hand grip. Serial #321775 show that the gun was made in 1912. The .41 is really a nice caliber to shoot. Mild recoil and very accurate.$2150

3947.DUTCH, MILITARY, FLINTLOCK MUSKET DATED 1690. Gun has been cut down, probably for sea use. The Dutch Empire spread world wide during the period of use of this gun. Very good condition. A real historic piece. Lock is RACK numbered #68.$2250


3949.WALTHER, .177 TARGET AIR PISTOL. A beautiful, well made gun that is extremely accurate. Appears near new condition. Serial # A fine addition to your Walther collection. Comes with papers and carrying case.$400

3950.COLT, MODEL 1863, .58 CALIBER MUSKET. A BROWN METAL GUN THAT COULD USE A GOOD CLEANING, Has a good bore and comes with a period bayonet and original ram rod. a good addition to your Colt collection with this seldom encountered m Civil War era musket. ANTIQUE,$2200

3951.REMINGTON MODEL 1858, .44 CALIER, PERCUSSION REVOLVER. A really nice example of this famous Civil War weapon with 40% original blue remaining and a very good bore. One of the better one's of these that we have had in some time. Military inspection marks. Serial #56567,$2000

3960.COLT ARMY SPECIAL WITH 4 INCH BARREL, IN THE POPULAR 32/20 CARTRIDGE. Gun retains 99% of the original factory nickel finish. Checkered walnut grips with COLT medallion. Perfect bore, shows little use. Only defect is that some former owner has scratched the last four numbers of his Social Security into the metal, just behind the right hand recoil plare. I did not even see it when I first bought the piece. A real beauty! Serial #577051.$550

3961.SMITH & WESSON M&P WITH 6 INCH BARREL IN THE POPULAR 32/20 CALIBER. A nice old gun that has been professionally refinished in blue with an excellent bore. Gun has an excellent bore and a really nice pair of real stag grips. Has had a pair of KING sights added during the period of use and should be a good shooter. Serial #59327,$450

3962.COLT, SINGLE ACTION ARMY IN .357 MAGNUM WITH 7 1/2 INCH BARREL. THIS GUN IS NEW AND UNFIRED. Walnut grips, blue and case colors. The .357 is one of the nicest calibers to shoot and I have found them to be very accurate in the Colt Single Action. Serial #SA51200,$1500

3971.COLT LIGHTING .38 WITH 4 1/2 INCH BARREL. A nice old gun with 50% blue and traces of case colors. Serial #127129, made in 1901,$950

3980.32 RIM FIRE, SPUR TRIGGER, DEFENDER MARKED POCKET PISTOL WITH OLD POLICE DEPT. TAG THAT SAYS IT WAS USED IN THE ROBERY OF THE SACRAMENTO & NORTHERN DEPOT. Sorry but we have no other information but a bit of detective work could uncover more information on the piece. Excellent condition but not working. ANTIQUE,$300


3982.WINCHESTER MODEL 1876, ROUND BARREL RIFLE WITH 28 INCH BARREL THAT HAS STRONG RIFLING BUT IS SOMEWHAT DARK. a second model gun with good sound wood and full length magazine. A nice old smooth metal gun. Serial #17209, made in 1881. ANTIQUE,$3200

3983.WILLIAM GOLCHER, ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, COMBINATION, PERCUSSION RIFLE/SHOTGUN, SIDE BY SIDE DOUBLE GUN. A nice old gun by this famous American maker. Marked on both locks and barrel. St. Paul was the American Frontier 1830-1870 and the jumping off place to the Northern Plains. May have seen service during the 1860's Indian uprising. Has interesting Indian type, brass inlays in lid of patch box. A big bore gun that would handle man or beast! ANTIQUE,$1500

3986.COLT 1877 LIGHTNING .38 LONG C.F.. A really nice example of this famous old Colt pistol. Retains 75% of the original blue and the case colors are turning silver. Nice hard rubber grips and best of all, fine working order. Very good bore in the 4 1/2 inch barrel with ejector. Serial #148858, made in 1904. C & R,$1250

3987.FULL STOCK, IRON MOUNTED, LARGE BORE, PLAINS RIFLE BY J. OGDEN OF OWEGO, NEW YORK. Heavy 26 inch, half round, half octagon barrel, non functioning lock with double set triggers. Rawhide wrap at wrist and gun shows plenty of hard use. Buttplate been missing a long time and stock is worn showing it was used without it for some time. ANTIQUE,$2500

3998.TURKISH 98 MAUSER RIFLE IN 8 M/M. Original full stock military rifle with dark bore but strong rifling, in as issued condition. Serial #26994, receiver is dated 1936. This will complete your Weapons of the World collection!,$175

4006.BAIKAL (RUSSIAN) 1ZH94 EXPRESS. 30/06, OVER/UNDER DOUBLE RIFLE. A well made, European style hunting rifle, new and unfired. Nicely checkered walnut stocks, sling swivels, double triggers. Fixed sights with top rail for scope. If you enjoy hunting with a double rifle you are bound to like this one. Serial #98MO881,$950

4011.CAPTURED AND DESTROYED, SIOUX INDIAN 1866 WINCHESTER CARBINE FROM SOUTH DAKOTA. A good example of a captured Sioux Indian carbine that shows how guns were taken apart and rendered unserviceable so that they could no longer be used against military or civilian populations. Evidently the frame was hit over a wagon wheel or other object which collapsed lower portion so that it could not be put back together. A great example of how the military dealt with the superior weapons of the Indian.$3500

4013.ENGLISH DOUBLE BARREL, 20 GAUGE, HAMMER, SHOTGUN WITH 28 INCH DAMASCUS BARRELS. A beautiful old gun in very fine condition by the famous firm of W.J. Jeffery, London. Side locks, full and cyl bored, 2 1/2 inch chambers, fine bores, beautiful Damascus pattern, Greener cross bolt. Excellent checkered wood with horn butt plate with considerable case colors and blue.. A scarce and most desirable gun. You will just not find them any better than this one. Serial #11872, ANTIQUE.$4250

4014.U.S. KRAG, MODEL 1899 30/40 CARBINE. This was the first model made without saddle ring attachment. A very good example of this desirable cavalry carbine. Very good bore, fine wood with old repair and fine working condition. Serial #361601.$1350

4019.STYER, MODEL 1895, 8X56R CALIBER RIFLE. A smooth metal old gun in as issued condition. The bore is dark but has strong rifling. A good addition to your military rifle collection. Serial #94105, ANTIQUE,$150

4021.WINCHESTR MODEL 1895 IN THE HARD HITTING, .35 WINCHESTER CART- RIDGE. A smooth metal old gun with very good bore, Lyman side mounted peep sight, good sound wood. These old guns, just under the powerful .405, will take any American big or dangerous game animals. Serial #44027, made in 1904.$2400

4030.PAIR OF NAVY ARMS CO. SHORT BARREL, 1851 COLT COPIES FROM THE WORLD FAMOUS STEMBRIDGE GUN COLLECTION THAT PROVIDED MANY GUNS TO THE MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY. This pair supposedly used in YOUNG GUNS. Nickel plated with faux ivory grips and one converted to shoot .38 Spl. BLACK POWDER blank ammunition. A really good looking pair, marked with a large S. Serial #'s 30391 and 48771. Will need an FFL on these.$1600

4031.CZECHOSLOVAKIA MODEL Z, .25 (6.35) CALIBER AUTOMATIC PISTOL. 90% original blue, hard rubber grips, excellent bore, fine working order. Serial #18571.$225

4037.SMITH & WESSON, MODEL 1903 M&P, 32/20, WITH 6 INCH BARREL. A smooth metal old gun with a new factory replaced barrel having an excellent bore. A most popular caliber by western law men which would match up with their rifle in this same caliber. 40% of the original blue remaining. Round butt with S&W hard rubber grips. Serial #35433,$350

4041.SMITH & WESSON, 1905 M&P, NICKEL PLATED, 32/20 REVOLVER WITH SIX INCH BARREL, GOOD BORE, AND A WONDERFUL PAIR OF STEERHEAD PEARL GRIPS WITH RUBY EYES. A real showy old piece. A western lawman or cowboy gun to match up with your rifle in this same caliber! The grips alone worth nearly our asking price. Serial #81612,$875

4043.OSCAR WILL, ZELLA-MEHLIST, GERMAN AIR RIFLE. A smooth metal old gun with good compression and in good working order. A scarce gun.$400

4045.WINCHESTER MODEL 1887, 10 GAUGE, LEVER ACTION SHOTGUN. A smooth metal old gun in good working order. While the barrel is marked 12, and we bought it that way, it is really a 10 gauge. A very good bore in the 32 inch, factory replacement barrel. Late model gun with double extractors. The former owner has added a recoil pad which must have reduced the recoil on this large gauge gun. Serial #58098, made in 1895, the was barrel replaced in 1918. ANTIQUE,$1250

4046.HISTORIC REMINGTON, HEPBURN WITH HEAVY 30 INCH BARREL IN 45/70 WITH A GOOD BORE, AND DOUBLE SET TRIGGERS. A much used old hunter's gun with an old tag on the stock that says: 'This gun was purchased new in 1883. Practially all my big game hunting was done with it. It has a half pound of lead under the butt plate. It has probably not been fired since 1895. J.M. Taylor, 1923.' Would be interesting to do some research on J.M. Taylor. A real meat getter! Serial #4415,$3500

4048.PRINCEPS, .32 AUTOMATIC PISTOL. A real beauty, engraved, gold washed, with pearl grips. Appears as new, unfired condition. A Spanish made gun circa 1920/30's. One of the smallest .32 automatic's that we have seen. Nicely book cased, French style. From the Sheriff George Carroll collection, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Serial #1641,$1500

4052.WALTHER, P-38, 9MK/M SEMI AUTOMATIC, DOUBLE ACTION, PISTOL. The famed German Army pistol of WW-2. Must have laid out of kept in a wet holster as is somewhat pitted but still in good working order with a very good bore. Marked AC45 with the German eagle, black plastic grips. My father brought me back one of these after the War, and we still have it.. Serial #9922.$375

4055.BELGIUM BROWNING, 12 GAUGE AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN WITH VENT RIB. An older gun that has seen much use but still ready to go hunting and do a good job. Real sound checkered wood with pad, metal has been reblued but it remains in very good condition. The bore is excellent. Serial #H48007.$575

4056.REALLY FINE O/U COMBINATION GUN BY E,A, VOM HOFE, BERLIN WHO WAS ONE OF THE TOP GERMAN MAKERS AND INOVATERS IN HIGH SPEED RIFLES. A 12 gauge over the powerful 5.6 X 61 Super Express (Rimmed). The 5.6 X 61 Ex was a .22 caliber that carried the same ballistics as the .220 Swift. It really got out there with speeds of 3400 and 3700 fps. A beautiful gun in excellent condition overall. Light engraving, fine checkered wood, single set trigger on the rifle barrel, cocking indicators, double toggels and cross bolt, side safety, sling swivels, with qd claw mounts with a Bausch & Lomb 1.5 X 6 scope. Of course the bores are perfect. Should be fine medicine for any upland game and an occasional coyote, fox, or deer. A really fun gun in excellent condition.. Serial #37727,$3650

4064.WINCHESTER, MODEL 1892 SADDLE RING CARBINE THAT HAS BEEN CONVERTED TO .30 CARBINE CALIBER. Gun works really good and very accurate. Have not seen one of these before. I assume it was 25/20 and rebored to .30 caliber with as new bore. Gun retains 50% or more original blue and has fine walnut wood. I really have not decided to sell this gun yet as I really like this snappy little caliber since I carried the M2 version in Korea. Serial #510706, made in 1910.$1500

4068.EARLY AMERICAN SMOOTH BORE PERCUSSION FOWLER BY TRYON OF PHILADELPHIA, PA. A much used old girl, probably converted from original flintlock, barrel cut off Indian style by filing around and snapping it off to 29 inches. Brass mounted, checkered wrist. Many of these early fowlers were sold, given, or traded to the Indians. Has that great look! ANTIQUE,$1200

4069.FINE OLD ENGLISH MADE DOUBLE BARREL, PERCUSSION, SHOTGUN BY HATTON OF LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. A really nice, well made old gun with some unique features that I had not seen before. We cannot find Hatton's name in our listing of English makers, but this is a very high quality gun. We have history of the gun, belonging to a James Watts of Pennsylvania in the middle 1800's.$1000

4073.SMITH & WESSON, 45AR DA HAND EJECTOR WITH 6 1/2 INCH BARREL, THAT WAS CONVERTED FROM THE BRITISH .455. One of the guns manufactured for Canada and England. Gun retains 80% of an old reblue, the bore is very good and in excellent working condition. Checkered Smith & Wesson wood grips with gold seal. I have had a number of these old Smith's and they are excellent shooters. Have had them in both converted to .45 Colt and .45AR (auto rim or .45 automatic with half moon clips). Have found them to shoot like a rifle. Serial #28599.$600

4074.20 X 29 SHEET METAL TARGET OF AN OUTLINE OF AN INDIAN HEAD IN FULL HEADRESS AS SHOT BY THE SMITH & WESSON SALESMAN, ED McGIVERN. 164 shots with a .22 pistol by the famous pistol marksman. Not quite as crisp as those shot by the Winchester marksman Ad Topperwein or Remington's John Frey but very well done and remember these two used rifles while McGivern used a revolver. A quite rare image, the only one that we have had. These targets are written about and pictured, in McGivern's book, FAST & FANCY REVOLVER SHOOTING. Nicely framed. A great addition to your Smith & Wesson revolver collection!,$2500

4075.WAKEFIELD & CO. BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, SINGLE SHOT SPORTING RIFLE IN THE POWERFUL 577/450 CALIBER, MADE ON THE MARTINI ACTION. A much used old gun in a most popular caliber, with multi leaf rear sight. While this is a no finish gun, it has a very good bore and should be a good shooter. Engraved receiver and ribbed barrel. A really good old gun that has probably killed a lot of game in it's day and still able to give good service. Serial #28700 ANTIQUE.$2000

4076.E. WHITNEY, MODEL 1841 (DATED 1845) .54 CALIBER, MISSISSIPPI RIFLE. Very good condition with original ram rod and an excellent bore. Unique about this rifle is that it has a single set trigger, a fine front sight, and a most interesting buckhorn post rear sight. Evidently the gun was used for target or sniper shooting. My old gunsmith friend, V.M. Starr of Eden, South Dakota had a number of surplus Mississippi barrels and found them to be very accurate. One of the guns he made from one of them carried him to the championship in the Minnesota muzzle loading rifle shooting competition. A really fine old gun. ANTIQUE,$2650

4077.SWOSS HAMMERLI, .22 SINGLE SHOT, OFFHAND TARGET PISTOL. A presentation piece in as new condition, in factory carrying case. The bore is perfect and gun shows very little use. Presented to Col. W/W. Swanwick The 1948 London Olympic Model, Serial #705..$2500

4078.1 1/4 INCH TARGET DISC AS USED BY THE PETERS EXHIBITION SHOOTER AND THROWN INTO THE AIR AND SHOT WITH A .22 CALIBER RIFLE. Marked PETERS AMMUNITION with the large red P in the center. Typical as other target discs produced by various ammunition companies.$20

4082.MEACHAM ARMS CONVERSION OF THE 1873 SPRINGFIELD 45/70 RIFLE. The 30 inch octagon barrel has a very good bore and contains the Sharps style buckhorn ladder sight. Typical coarse Meacham style checkering on wrist and forearm. These conversions were a very popular frontier used rifle. Smooth metal with traces of blue, wood has a few dings but is very sound. Serial #43468. ANTIQUE,$3750

4088.WINCHESTER MODEL 1873, .22 SHORT, LEVER ACTION RIFLE. Gun was used on a seal hunting ship and is much pitted out due to the Salt Water air but still in good working order. Has a new magazine insert and extractor. Wood is very good. Great for display from the period of seal pup hide business in Alaska. Would also look good in your dug-up-gun collection or could be shot I believe. A quite rare variation of the popular 1873 WIN. No serial # visible because of the pitting. ANTIQUE,$1500

4091.COLT POLICE POSITIVE TARGET REVOLVER WITH 6 INCH BARREL AND TARGET SIGHTS IN THE .22 WRF (SPECIAL) CALIBER. Gun retains 85% of the original blue, target sights, has an excellent bore, and the original Colt hard rubber grips. I had one of these little guns, several years ago and they are excellent shooters. Serial #126XX,$475

4092.SMITH & WESSON LIGHT WEIGHT, M13, U.S. AIR FORCE REVOLVER WITH 2 INCH BARREL AS CARRIED BY FIGHTER PILOTS IN THE VIET NAM WAR. Gun has been rendered unserviceable by the U.S. Government as they were considered unsafe for the heavy military ammunition. This one not hurt too badly in the DEWAT process and has been reposed to look good. However gun does not function and WILL NOT SHOOT so can be sold as a non gun. Backstrap marked: PROPERTY OF U.S. AIR FORCE. Serial #C368XXX. Comes with original marked USAF holster, made especially for this gun. As these guns were never released to the public, they have become quite rare. A good example of the Government's folly in gun decision.$750

4102.COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY .45 CALIBER WITH 5 1/2 INCH BARREL. This is one of the last gun's produced at the Colt factory and mostly sold through the Colt Custom Shop. A brand new, unfired gun in the original blue box. As we understand it, these will no longer be produced by the Colt Company. Serial #S35287A.$1750

4108.COLT, NEW SERVICE, .45 COLT, REVOLVER WITH 6 INCH BARREL. Gun is in excellent condition, retaining 85% of the original blue and a really fine bore. Black rubber grips are excellent, and the backstrap is marked: R.N.W.M.P. for the Canadian, Royal North West Mounted Police. A super old gun with much historical significance. Serial #141095,$2200

4113.THE GRANGE GUN CO. MADE BY WESTLEY RICHARDS FOR BEAMISH & Co. OF BURGHERSDORP, SOUTH AFRICA, CIRCA 1890. Caliber 12 gauge by 500/450 No. 2 Westley Richards Musket. Gun is in very good condition including the bores and has the long range 5 leaf, Express sight. Steel barrels, pistol grip stock, which may be a period replacement, with steel butt plate. A fairly plain gun, but a real using piece. The 500/450 is in the 45/70 class. It had to have been good medicine for some English settler, as used for fowl or any African big game and a possible Dutchman during the Boer War. Serial #1125,$2250


4114.OLD 1873, 45/70, SPORTERIZED SPRINGFIELD RIFLE. A Frontier conversion with barrel cut to 26 inches, crescent butt plate, sporting sights and a pewter forend tip installed. The bore is rough due to black powder and lack of cleaning. Some holes have been filled in the stock for whatever reason but a real interesting, much used, old Western gun. The 45/70 Springfield probably took as much game and saw more action during the Indian Wars in the American West than any other gun. If only she could talk! Serial #56740. ANTIQUE,$1850

4118.SMITH & WESSON, .38 SINGLE ACTION, SECOND MODEL, SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER WITH 4 INCH BARREL. A fine example of this fairly scarce pistol with 85% of the original nickel plating and hard rubber, orange and black grips. Fine condition overall with a very good bore. Serial #58158 ANTIQUE,$800

4119.SMITH & WESSON, .32 FIRST MODEL, SAFTEY HAMMERLESS, NEW DEPARTURE, (LEMON SQUEEZER), REVOLVER WITH 3 INCH BARREL. Gun retains 90% plus original blue, has factory pearl grips and a very good bore. A most pleasing little gun. Serial #86688,$700

4120.WINCHESTER MODEL 1897, 12 GAUGE, SLIDE ACTION SHOTGUN WITH 18 INCH BARREL. Gun has been well used but is in good sound, working condition, and has a good bore. A very popular gun with the cowboy action shooters and a fine home or away protector. Serial #349XXX,$325

4124.WINCHESTER MODEL 1887, 12 GAUGE, LEVER ACTION SHOTGUN. A really fine example of this famous old lever gun with 75% of the original blue remaining. Has a decent but slightly pitted bore but a much finer condition gun than usually encountered. A later model with double extractors. Serial #39715 ANTIQUE,$2200

4127.WINCHESTER MODEL 1905, .35 CALIBER, SELF LOADING (AUTOMATIC) RIFLE. A nice example of this early automatic rifle. The bore is very good. Serial #6882,$550

4128.LAKESIDE, CRESENT ARMS CO. .410 DOUBLE BAREL, HAMMERLESS SHOTGUN. A nice clean example of this little gun with very good bores. Serial #4672,$850

4129.NICE OLD GERMAN, PERCUSSION JAGER RIFLE BY J. FUNK & COMP IN SUHL, GERMANY. .50 caliber, with engraved iron mounts including the patch box. The 26 inch octagon barrel has a very good bore, double set triggers and sound wood. Has the remains of the old original leather sling and comes with a very ornate German/Austrian, copper and brass, powder flask. A real hunter's gun for sure. Gun could stand a good overall cleaning due to long careless storage. The famous American Hawken rifle was somewhat patterned after the German Jager rifle. A very nice set that has been together for a very long time. Just the way you like to find them! Circa 1850-1860. ANTIQUE,$2450

4132.STEVENS MODEL 101 FEATHERWEIGHT, .44/410 SINGLE BARREL, TAKE DOWN, SHOTGUN. A nice example of this fairly scarce gun, made to fire the .44XL, 44/40 shot,.44 Game Getter, and .410 up to 2 1/2 inch shell in the 26 inch barrel. A good sound gun with a fairly decent boor and wood. Some 5000 of these little guns were estimated to have been produced, many went to Europe. Serial #448,$440

4133.COLT, U.S. ARMY MODEL OF 1909 IN .45 LONG COLT WITH 5 1/2 INCH BARREL. A fairly scarce Colt in the New Service configuration. A smooth metal gun with traces of blue that shows signs of overcleaning which is quite common for military arms. The bore is very good. Wood grips have been checkered and repaired at some later time. These big guns were made to replace the .38 Military Colt revolver which were found to have been ineffective during the Spanish American War. Has the RAC and other inspection marks, lanyard ring removed. About 20,000 of this model were produced. Serial #43,XXX.$750

4137.WINCHESTER MODEL 1887, 12 GAUGE, LEVER ACTION SHOTGUN. A much used old girl that has seen much use but a mostly smooth metal gun with some areas of light pitting but would clean up with some elbow grease. Bore is dark in the 24 inch barrel but would also clean better. Left hand forearm wood has a sliver missing but is mostly there. Buttstock has a recoil pad. A fairly late gun with the desirable double extractors. Serial #46439, made in 1892. ANTIQUE,$950

4142.REMINGTON, MODEL 1867, 50/70 ROLLING BLOCK CARBINE. A really fine example of this dandy little gun retaining almost all the blue on the barrel and case colors turning silver on the receiver. Wood is fine, bore is excellent, appears to be unfired. Anchor stamp on barrel, no other proofs that I can see. Serial #1068. A number of these guns were shipped overseas, few have survived. ANTIQUE,$2250

4142.OLD MEXICAN COPY OF THE SINGLE ACTION COLT IN .45 COLT CALIBER. This one made in double action with double locking notches. Has a neat old pair of cow horn grips with pearl inlays. A much used old girl, not working quite right, that will look good in any display of Western guns, a great holster stuffer. Serial #2107 ANTIQUE,$450

4145.STEVENS 39A, .410 BOLT ACTION, TUBULAR MAGAZINE, SHOTGUN. These are nice little guns that really work. I myself have had one for years and this one is no exception. 65% blue, stock has been painted, good working order, good bore. 2 1/2 and 3 inch shells. A handy little gun. Circa 1940's. No serial # on these.$145

4146.MARLIN No, 32 STANDARD, 1875, SPRU TRIGGER REVOLVR IN .32 RIM FIRE CALIBER. 50% of the original nickel plating remaining, hard rubber grips, good working order. A fairly scarce J.M. Marlin product. Serial #4206. ANTIQUE,$300

4148.EARLY COLT, MODEL 1851, .36 CALIBER, 'NAVY' REVOLVER. A smooth metal, brown gun with all matching numbers and wood grips. Has the small trigger guard, original grips with traces of varnish, very good working order. Some scattered light pitting toward the muzzle where it has been in the holster for many years. Comes with a really nice period, brown leather, embossed holster which is in very good condition. The holster alone worth a good bit. Serial #36934, ANTIQUE,$2000

4154.STEVENS MODEL 94, 16 GAUGE, SINGLE BARREL SHOTGUN. The late War time model with plastic composite stocks. Gun is in really fine condition and good enough to go into your Stevens collection. These stocks are usually broken and this stock is unblemished. Excellent bore and shows very little use. No serial # on this one.$155

4154.J. HENRY & SON, INDIAN TREATY RIFLE, AS GIVEN TO THE INDIANS BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AND SO MARKED. A percussion half stock rifle with 32 inch octagon barrel with a .36 caliber bore. Has the U.S. mark behind the trigger guard at the wrist of the stock. Iron trigger guard and butt plate with the little brass nose cap. Gun has been much used but fairly well cared for and remains in good condition overall. Gun is all correct with the right markings. A genuine Indian used rifle and we have owned quite a number of these over the many years that we have been in the business.$2200

4156.U.S. PAT. FIREARMS CO. MANUFACTURER OF THE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY REVOLVER IN .44 SPECIAL CALIBER. A most beautiful gun in absolutely pristine condition with brilliant case colors and blue. 4 3/4 inch barrel, all parts of this newly made gun with interchange with the Colt. Serial #E-979,$1150

4157.COLT, NEW SERVICE, 44/40 CALIBER WITH 5 1/2 INCH BARREL. A really nice example of this famous big revolver with 95% of the original bright blue remaining. Hard rubber COLT grips in fine condition with an excellent bore. Gun shows very little if any use. Serial #321417,$1075

4159.WINCHESTER MODEL 1886 IN THE POWERFUL 45/90 CALIBER. A smooth old brown gun with 26 inch round barrel that has a very good bore. Gun has been used hard but is sound and in good working order. Should give plenty of years of continued service. Serial #80731,$2650

4160.COLT, 3RD GENERATION, SINGLE ACTION ARMY IN .357 MAGNUM CALIBER WITH 4 3/4 INCH BARREL. As new with nickel finish and walnut grips but no box. Should be a fun gun to use and shoot. Serial #SA52615,$1350

4161.SMITH & WESSON, MODEL 1913, .35 CALIBER AUTOMATIC PISTOL. Gun retains 65% of the original bright blue, walnut grips with S&W logo. A fairly scarce gun with a very limited production. We just happen to have a full box of very rare .35 caliber ammunition for this nice little gun. Serial #4105,$700

4162.MAUSER MODEL A-8, IN .25 AUTO CALIBER. A neat little well made German gun with hard rubber Mauser grips and 65% of the original blue remain. Serial #86980,$450

4169.UBERTI, HENRY RIFLE IN .45 LONG COLT ENHANCED WITH BRASS MOUNTED FAUX TELESCOPIC SIGHT, IN AS NEW CONDITION. This exact gun was featured in the Motion Picture, WILD WILD WEST, staring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. A beautiful and historic piece. Comes with photographs of the original Movie poster and of the gun being used in the film. A modern historic piece. Serial #16429,$3650


4171.ENGLISH, KETLAND, FLINTLOCK BELT OR HOLSTER PISTOL, BRASS MOUNTED WITH 9 1/4 INCH BARREL. These guns were very popular during the Fur Trade era among the Mountain men and Indians. A very well made gun and still in fine working order. Ketland made many guns for the American Frontier trade in the early 1800's. A great accessory for your Fur Trade collection. ANTIQUE,$1875

4172.CIVIL WAR ERA, EUROPEAN PIN FIRE REVOLVER THAT WAS FOUND ON THE FIELD BUT STILL IN FAIR BUT NOT WORKING ORDER. 10 or 12 m/m caliber, these were quite popular among the Confederate Cavalry. A nice old relic of that famous American conflict.$400

4173.WINCHESTER MODEL 70, BOLT ACTION SPORTING RIFLE IN THE SCARCE .22 HORNET CALIBER. A most beautiful gun with a most pleasing custom stock with checkering surrounded by oak leaves. Comes with a Weaver, V-9 scope, excellent bore and super condition overall. A really hard to find caliber in this model and a SUPER gun overall. An early gun, Serial #53380,$1875

4176.PAIR OF CASED PERCUSSION DUELING PISTOLS BY E. KUHNERT, BERLIN. A most beautiful old set in velvet lined original casing with all accessories including, flask, mold, nipple wrench, caps, bullets, loading rammer and hammer, screwdriver, wax sealer, etc. Guns are fully engraved and finely checkered with ivory mountings. set triggers, cap boxes in butts, rifled bores and in excellent condition. Case only is rough from being damp and wood is cracked but all together and could be repaired. We choose to let it be as is and let the new owner do whatever he or she may desire. Coat of arms on case and sealer have a Crown over boar's head and 3 flowers. A SUPER old set that you will be proud to own. No serial number on these, circa 1840/50. ANTIQUE,$8500

4177.NICE OLD PAIR OF PERCUSSION DUELING PISTOLS BY A. RUBIN, A FRENCH OR SWISS MAKER OF THE EARLY TO MID 1800'S. A really nice pair that is cased with all accessories. Almost appear to have been unused or used very little. Nicely engraved mountings, fluted handles. Hard to find a better set than this one.$7500

4186.ENGLISH DERINGER TYPE, SINGLE SHOT PERCUSSION PISTOL BY SHARPE OF LONDON. Gun has laid out for years but still a nice old relic from the days of the Fur Trade. Silver mounted with cap box in butt. Non working of course.$450

4188.WINCHESTER, MODEL 1866, SADDLE RING CARBINE IN THE SCARCE .44 CENTER FIRE CALIBER. Barrel has been professionally relined to an as excellent bore and so this caliber can be reloaded and shot. If you desire to shoot one of these old girl's, this is the gun to do it with. Good working order, good sound wood. Forearm shows some nice old saddle wear, brass has been cleaned. Still a quite attractive old gun that is becoming hard to get. Serial #,$5500

4190.EARLY MODEL, COLT WOODSMAN, .22 AUTOMATIC PISTOL WITH 6 INCH BARREL AND VERY GOOD BORE. A much used old gun that has been professionally reblued and a good example of one of the best .22 automatic pistols ever made. Serial #105186,$650

4191.WINCHESTER MODEL 1887 12 GAUGE, LEVER ACTION SHOTGUN WITH 32 INCH BARREL AND THE RARE CASE HARDENED FRAME. Traces of blue and a very good bore which is hard to find on these old girl's. Good sound wood, smooth metal and a really fine example of one of these guns. Serial #43786, ANTIQUE.$1750

4198.COLT, SECOND MODEL DRAGOON, BIG .44 CALIBER PERCUSSION REVOLVER. A smooth, grey metal old gun, well worn, used, and abused with replaced walnut grips. Marked U.S. showing military usage. Cylinder scene worn off but matching serial numbers except for the lever which is a lower number. Mainspring has been broken but a replacement spring rigged up so it will operate, as is. Otherwise it is correct. The second model is the scarcest of all the Colt Dragoon variations, only made for a very short period of time. Serial #8173. ANTIQUE,$5500

4200.INTERESTING OLD HALF STOCK, .40 CALIBER, PERCUSSION, IRON MOUNTED PLAINS RIFLE WITH A TIGER STRIPE MAPLE STOCK AND DOUBLE, RIGHT AND LEFT HAND CHEEK PIECES, DST. The iron mountings really show the art of a very fine metal smith. Everything iron except for the pewter forend cap. 33 1/4 inch heavy barrel with a very good bore. Gun was found in Arkansas and has the look of a St. Louis piece. No maker that I can see except for the Ashmore lock but a real quality gun at a most reasonable price. Circa 1840-1860,$975

4202.SCARCE, MARLIN MODEL 1889 DeLUXE, ENGRAVED WITH EXTRA FANCY CHECKERED WOOD, 28 INCH OCTAGON BARREL WITH VERY GOOD BORE, FOLDING TANG SIGHT, A MOST WONDERFUL GUN. Gun has been completely, professionally, rebuilt and refinished to new condition, case hardened receiver, lever, and buttplate, the balance is blue.. Engraving includes a buck deer and plenty of scroll work. If you like really fine guns, this should be your next opportunity. Serial #458XX ANTIQUE \,$4650

4204.COLT, 2ND GENERATION. .45 CALIBER SINGLE ACTION, BUNTLINE REVOLVER WITH 12 INCH BARREL. Gun appears unfired with no drag line or powder marks. Am supposed to get the original box but as yet we have not seen it so are selling it without the box but if it does appear, you will get that as well. 99% plus original blue and case colors. Serial #16678SA made in 1957, the second year of production.$2250

4205.GERMAN, COMMERCIAL, .30 CALIBER LUGER BY DWM. A good clean example of this famous German gun in good sound condition with 60% of the original blue remaining. Checkered wood grips. The bore is very good, a matching number gun. Serial #77183,$650

4207.CVIL WAR, 1858 STARR .44 PERCUSSIAN, DOUBLE ACTION, ARMY REVOLVER. A grey metal gun with wood grips. Works good and has military inspectors marks on the metal and the grip. Some 23000 were produced. These guns were used during the Civil War by both the North and the South. Serial #15396,$1275

4208.ENGLISH, .44 CALIBER, PERCUSSION, SIX SHOT PEPPERBOX. No maker that I can see, but a real quality, double action, bar hammer gun, finely engraved, checkered walnut grip, with cap box in butt. A very nice gun, English proofs of course.$1350

4211.BELGIUM, .69 CALIBER, FLINTLOCK MUSKET WITH ORIGINAL BAYONET. A circa 1800 military musket well cleaned but in very original condition.$1250

4215.COPY OF THE SMITH & WESSON, .38 BREAK OPEN REVOLVER. A nice old gun in good working order and a good bore. A small chip off both of the hard rubber grips but overall a pretty nice old gun. Serial #131577,$155

4217.COLT 1860, .44 CALIBER PERCUSSION REVOLVER. A smooth metal old gun with nicks and bumps from long service. Good working order and a very good bore. Military inspector marks including faintly on the walnut grips. All matching including the wedge. Serial #50548,$0

4218.SMITH & WESSON AMERICAN, SECOND MODEL, IN THE RARE .44 RIM FIRE (HENRY) CALIBER. A smooth old brown gun that has some neat old repairs with the barrel cut to 5 1/2 inches. Gun is in working order, bore a bit rough, but still a quite scarce and desirable model and caliber of this famous old Western firearm. Serial #13694 ANTIQUE,$1875

4219.STANLEY ARMS CO. 12 GAUGE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN WITH 20 INCH BARRELS. A good sound old gun, nicely engraved receiver, trigger guard and hammers. Damascus pattern but like most Belgium made guns is most likely steel. Has the Greener cross bolt and locks up tight. Bores are quite good. A great decorator or possible home defense gun if using the correct black powder ammunition. Has a real neat job of re-stocking during the period of use. Serial #3855, ANTIQUE,$450

4220.SMITH & WESSON, .38 NEW DEPARTURE (LEMON SQUEEZER), NICKEL PLATED REVOLVER WITH PEARL GRIPS. A really nice example of this popular old gun with inch barrel that has a good bore. Good working order, good bore, with 95% of the original nickel and case colors remaining. Serial #208423,$475

4221.WINCHESTER, MODEL 1901 10 GAUGE, LEVER ACTION SHOTGUN. This is the beefed up brother of the 1887 which is made of modern steel and has a more positive locking system. A much used favorite of duck and goose hunters up through the mid 20th century. A really nice example of this gun, retaining 75% of the original blue and 50% of the original varnish on the very sound wood. Steel butt plate, fine working order, very good bore. One of the better one's that we have had. Serial #76250,$1850

4223.SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN RIFLE, CONVERTED TO PERCUSSION FROM THE ORIGINAL FLINT LOCK AND MADE INTO A HALF STOCK FROM FULL DURING THAT CONVERSION ERA. Nice graceful lines and a bit of carving on the stock, with a nice cheek piece. Double set triggers and a fairly large .40 caliber bore. Good working order and a good bore. No name on the barrel and can only make out a couple of letters on the lock plate. Much used but well taken care of and a wonderful decorator or a possible using gun.$875

4228.SHARPS (OLD RELIABLE), 14 POUND, HEAVY 30 INCH OCTAGON BARREL IN .45 2 7/8 CALIBER BUFFALO GUN SHOWING LOTS OF USE AND AN OLD OLD BLACKSMITH REPAIR TO THE UPPER TANG AND THE LEVER, BUT SOUND AND HAVING AN EXCELLENT BORE. These neat old repairs give evidence to the gun having had heavy use on the Western Frontier. Gun is a period conversion by the famous Meacham Arms Co. A smooth metal old girl with some original finish and no pitting. The nice condition of the bore indicates the care that was taken to keep it clean. These heavy buffalo rifles have become almost impossible to find and hard to obtain. Has double set triggers and a really great look! Serial #C-49475, ANTIQUE.$6000

4229.FRENCH, ENGRAVED, FOLDING TRIGGER, .32 CALIBER, NICKEL PLATED REVOLVER WITH SOFT LEATHER, SNAP PURSE LIKE HOLSTER. These were carried in the overcoat pocket to ward off would be robbers. The purse like holster completely enclosed the gun to keep off dirt and grime. A most interesting couple, scroll engraved and very low serial #8. ANTIQUE,$575

4231.WINCHESTER LO WALL, CUSTOM IN THE POPULAR .22 HORNET CALIBER. Using a lo wall action with single set trigger, someone has added a model 70 carbine, Hornet barrel, and matching custom stock and forend with sling swivels. I might add that the butt plate is off a M-70 as well and the barrel alone had it not been re-threaded would be worth more than my asking price for the entire gun. A nice looking little gun that should give a lot of pleasure. Serial #86945,$750

4233.MARKSMAN M-740, .177 PELLET GUN. Gun appears to function ok but the folding forearm does not stay locked and the rear sight is missing. Still a well made rifle by Crossman I think and is well worth a bit of effort to fix it up by one of you handymen.$20

4234.CIVIL WAR ERA, DOUBLE BARREL PERCUSSION, POCKET PISTOL, MOST LIKELY ENGLISH OR BELGIUM MADE. Many of these little guns were carried by regular soldiers in the Civil War as a back up weapon. Very good condition overall.$275

4236.REMINGTON, MODEL 1888, 44/40 CALIBER, SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER WITH 5 3/4 INCH BARREL. Gun appears nearly new, possibly unfired with 95% plus original nickel and varnish. According to what I can find out about this rare model, only a few were produced and few are known to exist today. Has the cut away web like the Model 1890. The Blue book lists them as 'very desirable and little known'. Has them priced in this condition at over $10.000. Serial #136, ANTIQUE,$7500

4237.STEVENS, WALNUT HILL, SINGLE SHOT TARGET RIFLE IN THE POPULAR .22 HORNET CALIBER. Gun is in very good original condition with excellent bore, scope blocks, and folding tang sight. Here is a gun that should give many hours of shooting pleasure. Serial #425,$1450

4239.SHARPS 4 BARREL, .22, BRASS FRAME PISTOL WITH SMOOTH METAL ON THE STEEL BARRELS. Figured gutta purcha grips, good working order. A favorite hideout gun, Wild Bill Hickok carried one and was buried with it. Serial #26149 ANTIQUE,$650

4240.OLD ORIGINAL, BUT MUCH USED, WINCHESTER 1866 SADDLE RING CARBINE IN.44 RIM FIRE. Good sound wood, brown metal, untouched brass. Gun also fitted with factory sling swivels. Bore is rough but still a wonderful old Frontier gun. Serial #165XXX, ANTIQUE,$5500

4243.WINCHESTEER 1885 LOW WALL, SINGLE SHOT SPORTING RIFLE IN THE SCARCE .22WCF CALIBER. WITH 26 INCH OCTAGON BARREL. Gun has an excellent bore which is an expert reline job. Will also chamber and fire the .22 Hornet. Here is one that you can bang away with. Serial #90563. made in 1902.$850

4244.ASTRA, MODEL 400, 9M/M LONG OR BAYARD. (1921) WILL ALSO CHAMBER AND SHOOT THE .38 COLT AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE. Gun remains in very good condition, plus the original numbered box with an extra clip. Serial #11163.$875

4245.REMINGTON MODEL 1891 TARGET, THAT HAS BEEN PROFESSIONALLY ALTERED TO .44 MAGNUM. 7 INCH BARREL, EXLNT BORE, TARGET SIGHTS, NEW BLUE AND TARGET STOCKS. I would think the gun much more pleasant to shoot with .44 Special or .44 Russian ammunition. Has a wonderful trigger pull and while I have not shot it, I believe it will give a good account of itself in the field or on the range. Serial #3943 PS,$875

4246.COLT POLICE POSITIVE, .38 S&W REVOLVER WITH 4 INCH BARREL. Gun has been completely redone and refinished by the COLT factory and so marked. The bore is perfect and the gun in great working order. One of the best home protection arms that you could own. Serial #88798, made in 1916.$450

4247.SHARPS 4 BARREL, .22 DERINGER THAT WAS BURIED AND DUG UP. A really neat old relic with a fine pair of gutta purcha grips. Brass is very good but all iron parts much rusted and pitted. Still a scarce addition to your dug-up collection. Serial #42008,$300

4251.CUTE LITTLE .410/.44 SINGLE BARREL, LIGHT WEUGHT, SHOTGUN BY HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON WITH SLIM 26 INCH BARREL. A really neat little gun with considerable blue and case colors with an excellent bore. Good working order, sound wood with some original varnish. Serial #A118554,$245

4252.AUSTRIAN, WERNDL, OFFHAND SCHUTZEN RIFLE IN I BELIEVE A 10.5 X 47R, WITH A 33 INCH OCTAGON BARREL. Adjustable sights and a very good bore. Has a most ornate, finger notched trigger guard which contains the double set triggers. Rotating breech block, oversize stock with large iron butt plate and cheek piece. A most unusual and yet attractive piece.$1850

4253.EARLY, COLT 1860 ARMY .44 PERCUSSION REVOLVER, WITH ORIGINAL WALNUT GRIPS. A much used, matching numbers old girl that most likely saw much service during the Civil War with military inspector marks including the grips. All matching numbers including the wedge. Tight and in good working order, most likely has been with one family its entire life. A good, careful, cleaning would do wonders for this historic old piece. What stories it might tell if only it could talk! Serial #50548,$1800

4254.MERWIN & HULBERT, LARG FRAME, OPEN TOP, .44 SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER WITH 4 5/8 CUT BARREL. A quite good example of this historic old gun, retaining 85/90% original bright nickel, fine working order, an excellent bore, and a couple of repaired chips off the checkered, red and black, hard rubber grips. Side of frame marked RUSSIAN MODEL. So in spite of the cut barrel, a really nice old frontier gun. Serial #9307 ANTIQUE,$1450

4267.RARE, ALLEN & WHEELOCK, .44 CALIBER PERCUSSION, ARMY REVOLVER. Serial #268. A most historic old gun which belonged to Dr. Ralph Hubbard. Hubbard was for many years a noted historian, teacher, museum director, and expert on the American Indian. Dr. Hubbard showed me this gun some 60 years ago and told me at the time, that it was given to him by a former officer of the 7th Cavalry who found it in some willows along the Little Big Horn river, after the Battle. In the 1960's, Hubbard sold the gun to Dr. Kenneth Leonard who was at that time the foremost collector of Indian used guns in America. This piece was on exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming for many years until sold by Dr. Leonard. The original well used holster goes with the gun.$15000

5826.COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY, CALIBER .38 COLT. A FAIRLY RARE GUN WITH 5 1/2 INCH BARREL AND A FULL RE-NICKEL JOB. Hard rubber grips and a very good bore. Just a nice pleasing old Colt that is quite interesting with a ANTIQUE serial #171170 on a smokeless frame. Made in 1897! One of the most pleasing of all the Colts to shoot. ANTIQUE,$2500

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